(Borrowing books from

other libraries)


1.  The patron must have a current library card and patron number.

2.  The ILL form must have Patron Name, Phone Number, Author Name & Title

3.  The Library will pay no charges to lending libraries, this must be paid by the

     patron when the book is picked up. Patron's will be notified of charges before 

     the book is ordered.

4.  Each patron is able to request no more than 2 items (4 per family) per month.

     If more are requested the patron must pay return postage.

5.  Items will be requested from available libraries twice

6.  Each title may be renewed if the lending library will allow it.

7.  Each title requested and received can be reordered after a three month waiting


8.  If an item is requested and not used by the patron, they are responsible for the

     return postage.  No other ILL items will be ordered until the postage is paid.

9.  If items are not returned on time all ILL privileges will be suspended.

10. All overdue charges are the responsibility of the patron, not the Dillon Library.

11. Limited access books, videos, audiotapes, microfilm and magazines are not loaned.

12. Copies of specific pages may be made if they fall under Title 17 of the U.S.

      Copyright Code.

13. Donations for postage are welcome.

13. Funds are allocated quarterly to run the ILL program.  If high demand uses up all

      available money the program will be suspend, or patrons will have to pay return

      postage until the next quarter.